I tested Yanga Sport Water

What’s that? It’s the water which comes from a blue and white machine in my fitness center and I was really intrigued by this until Basic-Fit sent me an offer by e-mail. I was able to get free water for almost 2 months and a free water bottle. So I tried, and…

… Now I can’t have my fitness session without this water. To make it short, it’s a sportive water with 7 flavors which is low in calories (see it here). I tested the 7 of them and here’s what I think about them:

  • Orange

Really pleasant, even if it reminds the taste of pills in powder form that my mother was giving me when I had sore throats.

  • Multi-fruits

Great taste and easy to drink, quite similar to Minute Maid’s juice.

  • Coco-ananas

I’m not fan at all, maybe it’s because I don’t really like the coco-flavor even I’m using quite a lot of coco milk in my recipes but with a lot of spices.

  • Prickly pear

Maybe the most disappointing, not really tasty, I really have the impression to drink just water.

  • Black currant

Now you get my Top 3! Even if it could have been stronger in taste, it’s well balanced and really easy to drink.

  • Passion fruits

I’m a big fan! It’s my favorite with lemon. The taste is perfect, you  really get the taste of the fruit as if you squeezed it and put it in a glass.

  • Lemon

My favorite, refreshing, tasty and well balanced in mouth. Your perfect companion when having a run on the treadmill or when you just work out.

I’m still using the Yanga Sport Water now and will continue until I stop to go in a fitness center, it’s my sport companion now.

And you, did you test it already? What do you drink when you work out?


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