My 3 favorite coffee places in Berlin.

It’s already cold in Berlin in October and from time to time it even rains and can become quite windy. The best way to keep warm is to push the door of one of the vegan coffee shops that the city offers and why not start the day with a delicious vegan breakfast ?

How did I find them?

Simply by using the HappyCow app. You don’t know it yet? Well that’s a useful app for vegetarian and vegan on the move. You can find all restaurants, snacks, coffee shops and grocery shops around you which are 100% vegan/vegetarian or vegan-friendly by applying a filter. But in Berlin, you hardly really need it since as far as 90% of the restaurants have vegetarian options and vegan meals which are clearly indicated.

How did I select them?

By looking at the reviews on the HappyCow app, on Google Maps and sometimes on TripAdvisor. I also posted my reviews on these websites and I wrote them in English, so don’t hesitate to let me know if you find them interesting and useful.


I suggest we start with Unicorn, which is a cafe for everyone, vegan and non-vegan. They have delicious sweet and savory treats, but not everything is vegan ! Just ask a member of staff and they will be pleased to help you selecting your snack, in English if you don’t speak German, and inform you about the ingredients in a friendly way. We took the espresso ball which is a kind of power ball with superfood ingredients to give you some energy and for us to make us wait until lunch, which was planned an hour later. I really liked their infusion with fresh lemon and ginger which gives you a good detox drink and makes you warmer.

UnicornAddress : Brunnenstraße 64, 13355 Berlin
Price : around 3€ for a hot drink and 1.50€ to 6€ for a snack.


For a Sunday’s breakfast, we were thinking about Jute Bäckerei but there were no tables available anymore, so if you want to eat in their small seating area, I suggest you’d book in advance. We took a caffe latte with soy milk and a Good Morning tea (which is really tasteful, I was almost having some regrets to have chosen my soy latte) and some pastries to take away : Vanilla Crumb Cake and one with cherries and the Frederieke Cookies. These were the most delicious gluten-free cookies I ever ate. And I forgot to mention that all their pastries are gluten-free and diary-free. Some muffins and cakes are with honey, don’t hesitate to ask which ones are vegan. And everything can be eat-in or take away.

Jute BäckereiAddress : Schönhauser Allee 52A, 10437 Berlin
Price : Between 2 and 4€ for an hot drink and up to 5€ for a sweet treat.


For our last morning, we wanted to take our time for the breakfast and have what I call a “royal breakfast“, so we went to Goodies, a tea room next to the Frankfurter Tor. We decided to take a few delicious pastries, yes I said D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. Because it was really tasteful, well prepared and served in a friendly way, except for the banana bread which was a bit too dry for me. The others were :
Hazelnuts cake : great taste but maybe not enough fluffy for myself
Chia pudding with mango : nicely done and fresh
Vegan cheesecake : I had the impression to eat a normal
Cinnamon roll with vanilla taste : the most impressive vegan pastry I ever ate, really you can’t miss it
It’s a really good place and I’ll go back there again (during my next trip in Berlin) for breakfast, brunch or even lunch (they offer fresh sandwiches, wraps and salads for it).

GoodiesAddress : Warschauer Straße 69, 10243 Berlin
Price : minimum 2€ for an hot drink, between 2 and 5€ for a pastry or cake and up to 6€ for a sandwich
Website :

In Belgium or in France, you can often find combo deals in cafes, even in the UK if I remember well my last trip in London, like for example a sweet deal (hot drink + a cookie). But forget it, in Berlin you most of the time have “à la carte” as unique option. Yes, that’s a really big mistake from them in my opinion because they are missing extra sales, but maybe they don’t need it.

I’ll be back with you soon with some other vegan and vegan-friendly addresses in Berlin.

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