Being vegan in Tenerife

In November 2016, I had my first AirBnB experience. The occasion to try to live like a local and cheaper than usual on holidays because I had a kitchen at my disposal : you just need to go to the supermarket to buy some goods and go to a restaurant from time to time if you need or want to. But is it easy to eat vegan in Tenerife?

Eating organic isn’t a problem at all : many organic shops and a quite nice range of products in supermarkets like Carrefour. I went to the one in Santa Cruz and the other one in Añaza, where this section offers vegan/vegetarian meat, vegetable milk, cans, etc. The opposite of some smaller supermarkets which are more convenience stores.

I took some soy protein in my suitcase to cook at the flat, especially since I partially started my challenge during this week on holiday: I didn’t want to have a lack of protein in my food.

For the vegetable milk? You’ll easily find it in all supermarkets (all I went to, they had at least soy milk) on Tenerife. For other goods, you’ll need to go to a bigger store or to an organic store and the products can be really expensive as they are uncommon. At Carrefour, I found a wonderful vegan chocolate paste for my morning bread: yes chocolate paste and me, it’s a really long and big love story.

Choco pasta

What about restaurants? That’s something really different! There are not so many vegan restaurants on the island and they are not always open for dinner, many of them are closing at 4PM and they are mainly situated in the south of the island. I listed a few on a map for you and I chose the best from the “HappyCow Guide”, let’s have a look:

I know, I made this an easy and short post, but why should I write a long article if there’s nothing else to add? It will make you loose your time while there are so many more other interesting posts on my blog!

Let’s meet again soon for new adventures 🙂

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