10 New Year’s resolutions to (try to) keep in 2018

Welcome in 2018 and on my blog if you have never been here in the past, first of all, let me wish you a Happy New Year and all the best fort 2018. Like every year on the 1st day of the year we take new year’s resolutions which are forgotten as from the 2nd… Like the “I’ll never drink again” but your drunk as from the day after. Here, I will share with you 10 of them that I really want to keep all the year, let’s discover them together.

  1. Getting a nicer Instagram lifestyle account (FredExplore) but also globe trotter one (FredExploreLeMonde).
  2. Lose 5 kilos and keep the same weight all the year while doing sport on a regular base.
  3. Being 100% vegan, still a few details to fix on my everyday life and clothes. If you have tips for clothes, feel free to share them.
  4. Discovering even more the Nordic countries (Scandinavia, Danmark, Iceland, etc.) just because I’m in love with them.
  5. Focus more on a few topics for my blog such as lifestyle, vegan cooking, Brussels and travel.
  6. Make my homemade laundry soap because the vegan certified one is really expensive.
  7. Drinking less coffee, but more infusion as well as less soda and drinking more detox water.
  8. Choosing new glasses as mine are really scratched.
  9. More homemade cooking and less prepared dishes same for the jam and some other stuff that I would like to make myself.
  10. Make from my blog not only a blog, but a community where we share and exchange.
And you, what are your new year resolutions?
Share the one you really want to keep going.

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