Behind my masculinity #1

Hey you, spending some time here again? Great! Because now, I’ll explain you a new “rendez-vous” on the blog. Great, no? I’m so happy to speak about it with you and I’ll also come up with something new for the blog as all the posts of a category will get the same name, like chapters in a book. It’s not always easy to speak about the secrets of one’s masculinity even if you’re gay as a lot of gays are far away of the cliché the media want to show and tell us about.

So this new “Behind my masculinity” rendez-vous will speak about cosmetics and beauty, sometimes specifically for men but most of the time not: as you know, most of the “Only for men” products are simply a commercial trick.  And maybe sometimes I’ll speak about some experiences in a spa or other things but always in relation with the topic of masculinity.
When will it be online ?
I can’t promise you that I’ll be able to publish something every week about a new routine or product since I need first to empty the new ones, but my publications will be monthly and sometimes you’ll discover an additional surprise post. I’ll speak both about men care and about general products adapted to everyone, but also hair styling and some tests I’ll do with products. After all, why would a man not be able to take care of himself?


Time to start !
Just before I go to sleep, I have a “rendez-vous” in my bathroom, with my toothbrush of course, but not only! It’s not only the fact that I take a shower (yes, I like to be clean and fresh before I go to bed): it’s my evening routine, like I have my morning routine. I’ll tell you more about it below …


Did you think about your skin?

Of course I’m taking a shower, that’s most of the answer you can get from a man when you ask him. But did you know that soap and all the dust we meet during the day can dry your skin ? It’s important to hydrate the skin for the night, if you want to look fresh and healthy the day after. There is also a part which is in your meals of course and eating healthy.

But one of the tips I can give you is to apply a night cream or serum before going to bed. When we sleep, the regeneration system of our skin is activated and works even more than during the day.

Bye bye impurities
At the end of a day, our skin and especially our face must be refreshed and prepared to regenerate a maximum the cells. Sebum, dust, pollution, etc are just examples of what is on our skin after a simple working day.

So every evening during my shower I’m cleaning my face with Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash. Specially made for the face’s skin.

The 3 positive points of this product I have to mention are: refreshing, neutral smell and a pleasant texture.

There’s one negative point: it can easily and quickly dry your skin if not combined with a hydrating skin cream and used twice daily. Even if you have a oily skin or mixed one.

Anti-oxydant face oil

To hydrate a maximum my skin during the night, I’m using a facial oil from one of my favorite cosmetic shops in Brussels: Senteurs d’Ailleurs.

Grown & Alchemist, that’s the name of the brand. I’m sure you know it already. For those who don’t, here’s a small story about it. Founded by two brothers who wanted an elegant and clean packaging with a botanical and organic product inside. They are certified paraben free, really useful for a lot of people nowadays.

The one I’m using now is an antioxidant with borago, roseship and buck thor. It improves skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of fine lines and protects against the signs of aging. And I need to admit that this product is really doing what it promises, that’s maybe also the combination with my day routine. But when I compare with 4 months ago when I was using a regular hydrating cream, I realize it really works.
Greasy skin

Some time ago, I learned that a skin can be oily due to a lack of hydration or badly hydrated. Since I’m using this serum, I noticed a slight difference. It’s maybe also time to adapt my daily routine to find the perfect balance and get a healthier skin. Also drinking more water, it’s also part of the hydration of our skin.

I hope that this post will help you a bit and I can just recommend you to apply a serum or night cream before going to sleep and also clean your skin to get rid of the impurity you can collect on a daily basis.

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