My first raw food experience was in Berlin

When I travel, I like to discover new horizons, new cultures and have new culinary experiences as far as it’s not spicy, otherwise my mouth is on fire ! And since new culinary experiences are the easiest thing to explore when doing a citytrip, that’s why I chose Berlin (and of course the price of the flight tickets were also a reason). Let’s review my first raw experience !

I’m really in love with cooking and exploring what life can bring in my mouth (I’m really speaking about food…). The only thing I knew about raw food is that it takes a lot of time and preparation and I never managed to have it until now… I was clearly surprised by this way of cooking when I went to the Rawtastic restaurant in Berlin which is really fantastic and amazing.

It was a cold and rainy evening and my friend and I didn’t want to go far away for dinner so we had a look in the HappyCow app and found the restaurant close to the hotel (15 min walking distance). Before going in, I was scarred I’d still be hungry after the dinner, having the feeling of eating many starters all the long of the dinner.

We took a 3 courses menu (we shared the starter) and when we left, we were full. We even had the feeling that we ate too much. Let’s have a look now at what we ate :

img_5306We started by sharing this antipasti plate with, from left to right : Kalamata olives, kales crips, marinated vegetables, peppers, sundried tomatoes, fresh greens, cashew cheese and sweet potatoes crisp. The plate was really perfect for an appetizer and to have some fresh stuff to go with our first drink. The raw cashew cheese was a real discovery and I never had the chance to prepare it myself before, for sure I will do some at home soon =D .

img_5310As a main dish, I chose the tasting plate. They make a selection of 5 of their specialties and you get it on a big board. Of course, they are changing depending on what you choose as a starter as I saw from the table just next to us.  So here is what I got :
The RawVioli : Paper thin seasonal vegetables slices filled with basil pesto, cashew cheese and tomato walnut pate. Really tasteful and well spiced.
The famous falafels : Pumpkin seed superfood falafel on a bed of spinach, mixed salad, tomato, cucumber and olives with a black sesame, tahini dressing. Well, I was a bit disappointed by not having the same taste as a real falafel, but it was nicely done and a good culinary discovery.
The Tex Mex Bowl : Texmex inspired walnut tomato mix, vegetable rice, guacamole and chipotle mayo. Served with crunchy salad and flax crackers. It was a bit too spicy for me, but if you like eating spicy, I’m sure, you’ll like it.
The power roll : Crunchy julienne vegetables, thinly chopped cabbage and fresh mixed salad held together in a wrapped rice paper sheet. Served with our secret spicy almond sauce. Maybe the most disappointing stuff on the plate, it looks like a regular spring roll that we can get in any Chinese restaurant.
The Pad Thaï : Broccoli, carrot, white and red Cabbage, zucchini, sprouts and bell pepper with fresh herbs and a creamy satay sauce. One of the nicest things I ate in a restaurant since a while : nice presentation, nicely peppered and tasty.

img_5311My friend went for the famous Red curry and Rice (Crunchy fresh vegetables served with a mix of sprouted wild rice and vegetable rice topped with a creamy sweet & sour Vietnamese inspired red curry). We were really surprised by the rice, not crispy just as if it was perfectly cooked. Yes, we were ignorant about that way of cooking so we didn’t know that it was possible to serve raw rice. For the dish itself, he told me that it was nicely done and well presented (like all the other meals in the restaurant), maybe just a bit too spicy. Maybe as westerners, we are not used to spicy kitchen… Who knows?

img_5317We ended with a sweet touch : raw chocolate mousse and pumpkin pie. The mousse wasn’t airy like a regular one but the chocolate taste was strong, it can just seem a bit heavy after a dinner. The pumpkin pie was really fluffy and not too sweet, if you go there I recommend it !

I wasn’t disappointed by this first experience of raw kitchen and will definitely go back to Rawtastic when I go back to Berlin.

RawtasticAddress : Danziger Str. 16, 10435 Berlin
Price : between 6 and 9€ for a starter up to 16€ for the main dish and around 5€ for the desert.

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