Behind my masculinity #2

Last year, it was an obligation for me to shave daily my beard for professional reason. They are clear on it or a full grown beard or nothing, as far as I still have the beard of a teenager: no choice for me. Yes, it’s not yet complete and with small holes in it so I don’t have much option to shave it all. And I can tell you that daily shaving can be really annoying and also make some irritation on your skin. So let’s have a look at this Rituals product.

Which product?

My skin is sensitive and get easily irritated (as my mood does lol) it means quickly red skin and spots and also allergic issues. It’s not so easy to find a product with which the skin will not react and as my experience of teenagers in shaving was always a big issue with some cuts in the skin and a sensation of fire with the products from the supermarket. I was really scared about thinking to shave every working day, I even thought about shaves it with laser as I’ll be rid of it.

I went on the internet to look for the perfect product and adapted to my skin and my beard (yes, there are many different types of beard too from soft to hard hairs). And yes, you find out for sure, I have a sensitive skin with a hard beard = annoying and not easy to shave… And the last but not least, they are growing in all directions clearly: WTF?

Samurai Magic Wave by Rituals

Thus let us return to the main subject of this article: the shaving cream and care Rituals Samurai Magic Wave. It is recommended for sensitive skins, but also for hairs hard and thick. You can apply it either with the hand, or in the badger. If you decide to spread it with the hand, apply on a wet skin: it will allow to soften well the cream and at the same time to soften the hairs of your beard.

The water must also be very hot (attention not to burn you) to allow your skin to relax and to avoid cuts. We don’t desire to land at work with the face as if we had crossed a forest of brambles, is – this step?

I deeply advise you this product. It protects well the skin of cuts and irritation which the shaving can cause. There is a single slight black-point to be held: it leaves a fine protective film on the skin and which, if you shave several times in a row the same zone (sense of hairs, reverse sense and a 3rd sense) can prevent closely shave.

Hope this will help you guys.

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