Who I am

I’m a young Belgian from Liège (in the south-east of Belgium not so far on the German and Dutch border) and I’m living in Brussels since 2011. I’m traveling the world as much as I can and I’m sharing it with you, mainly visiting Europe for the moment.

I was not really a big fan of Brussels in the beginning, but now I’m used to it and I can say that I love the place. Before arriving in Brussels, I lived in London for a few months and it was not easy to adapt myself to the Brussels’ atmosphere. Now it’s my city, my home, where I work and where I like to live.

I’m having a life at 300km/h and full time, that’s the way that the blog in French (fredexplore.com) was born. A colleague told me that I should write about my life and share it with other people as it could be interesting to see and share advice about how I lost 30 kilos and to share my travel experiences.

I’m vegetarian since 2014 and trying to eat as much as possible vegan. You’ll find mainly vegan recipes and vegan useful addresses on the blog and from time to time some vegan products that I use everyday and some that I test for you.

I hope you enjoy the reading on my blog and wish you a delicious discovering of the recipes. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and to follow me on social media : Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

See you again soon,


My material

Nikon D7000, not on sale anymore. Replace it by Nikon D7200
iPhone 6s in case it’s not easy to have the camera at hand
GoPro Hero 5 for future blogging & action video
GoPro Accessory kit